EBLOCKING operation is blocking.
ECLASS missing class.
EEMPTY read object is empty.
EINIT interrupt during initialisation.
EJSON ill formated JSON.
ENOFILE file doesn’t exist.
ENOFUNCTION could not fetch handler.
ENOMODULE not module could be found.
ENOTFOUND item is not found.
ENOTIMPLEMENTED base function is not overriden.
ENOTXT event has no text set.
ENOTYPE type is not recognised.
ENOUSER user is not found.
EOWNER owner permissions are needed.
ERESERVED word is reserved.
ESET key is already set.
ETYPE type is not knowen
exception EBLOCKING[source]

operation is blocking.

exception ECLASS[source]

missing class.

exception EEMPTY[source]

read object is empty.

exception EINIT[source]

interrupt during initialisation.

exception EJSON[source]

ill formated JSON.

exception ENOFILE[source]

file doesn’t exist.

exception ENOFUNCTION[source]

could not fetch handler.

exception ENOMODULE[source]

not module could be found.

exception ENOTFOUND[source]

item is not found.

exception ENOTIMPLEMENTED[source]

base function is not overriden.

exception ENOTXT[source]

event has no text set.

exception ENOTYPE[source]

type is not recognised.

exception ENOUSER[source]

user is not found.

exception EOWNER[source]

owner permissions are needed.

exception ERESERVED[source]

word is reserved.

exception ESET[source]

key is already set.

exception ETYPE[source]

type is not knowen